Posted by: mikecane | April 8, 2009

Yellow Medicine


In another blog, I admitted that having the wrong notion of the term “mystery” kept me out of that section of the library for years. It took Ken Bruen to introduce me to the crime fiction hidden in that category.

One of the books I would have missed if I still labored under my prior delusion is Anthony Neil Smith‘s excellent Yellow Medicine.

A bent cop drummed out of the New Orleans PD is now working in a small town sheriff’s department in the midwestern wasteland of Minnesota. Who knew there’d be anything there outsiders wanted to horn in on?

Anthony Neil Smith — DocNoir to those of us lucky enough to his experience his Twitterness — is terrific at action, suspense, and also describing the horrors of living in Minnesota (where he currently lives … hmmmm). The plot has more twists than a snake having seizures.

Go get.


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