Posted by: mikecane | April 10, 2009

Lie To Me Season 1 Episode 9



Another masterful script filled with deception-detecting science science science!

It begins with a false flag:

Gillian: FEMA confirmed he’s at the disaster site. I’m heading out there now while there’s still one or two people he hasn’t had time to alienate.

Oh. Tension between Lightman and Foster? Set up at the very start, to lure us into this:


Lightman getting his face slapped by Foster!


All for the job. That was a major spoiler, by the way.

Two stories: A building under construction has collapsed and men are trapped. Why? What’s the story that led up to it and who knows what part of it?


The second story was minor but also illustrative of The Lightman Group’s methods. The founder of MySpace Facebook Networker wants to marry a woman he has fallen for — but did she lure him in because she knew who he was and the size of his bank account?


Both stories relied on some twenty-first century tech:


Fiber-optic camera being lowered into area where men are trapped.


Handheld flatscreen unit.


Recorded fiber-optic videostream on PC.


Notice the facial muscle groups highlighted at center left!


Muscle-grouping highlight overlay on recorded video.


An OQO with portable cam being used for distant recording!


iMac with live TV video.

There’s too much to detail about the science in this episode. But there’s one bit I want to selfishly point out and deviate from the photo-only mode of this blog to ascend my soapbox:




A construction worker who is suspected of lying is shown photos of expressions. He can only correctly identify the last one: disgust.


Gillian: You’re have trouble recognizing every emotion except disgust. It’s a pattern we’ve found sometimes with people who are addicted to opiates. You can recognize disgust because you see it over and over from your friends and family.

1) People who love their drugs can never see how they’re being fucked-up by them. Those of us on the outside can. We when we tell you you’re all fucked-up, believe it! (And being surrounded by drugged-up eejits daily, I’m sick of it!)

2) Who would have thought to make a correlation between people addicted to drugs and their ability to recognize facial expressions? Doesn’t that sound so stupid, so trivial? But that’s what science does: pursues things we non-scientific eejits ignorantly dismiss as “stupid” and “trivial.” And so is progress made pulling us out of the mud of ignorance we wallow in.

Thus endeth my soapboxing.

And, oh look, the photos even have labels and digital codes on the back:


Lie To Me has to be the best show on TV. If you’re not watching it, you’re an eejit. Catch up with episodes at the Fox website (requires player download) or Hulu (no download required).