Posted by: mikecane | April 29, 2009

Doom Flu: Test Us!


You think the frikkin world was ending!

We’re more likely to be starving to death in less than a year than to be drowning in our own lung fluids from this flu in the next two months.

The only way the government can tell how long this has been going on is to ask everyone who has had severa flu symptoms since January to report to a hospital for a blood draw and antibody screening.

I maintain that this is the flu I had back in March.

The fever, chills, and aches were not as severe as other flus I had. What was severe was the constriction of my breathing. It crept up on me without any warning and really tried to suffocate me. Being stubborn, I didn’t go to an ER until most of the fever had passed, so they chalked it all up to severe bronchitis.

I would bet real money my blood is swimming with antibodies to this flu.

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