Posted by: mikecane | May 1, 2009

Lie To Me Season 1 Episode 11




Pursuit of a suspect leads to the shooting of someone who was unarmed. Or was he?

There was a lot going on this very twisty episode.


Lightman trails Gillian’s husband under the pretext of returning eyeglasses Gillian’s husband believes he left at the restaurant they all had dinner at (Lightman stole the glasses!).



He rubs under his nose. We’d been set up for what that means back in episode one:

“Men have erectile tissue there. It itches when they’re hiding something.”

The shooting generates a summons from the Mayor’s Office:

… and suddenly Dr. Lightman has an iPhone. Never seen until now.

Lightman tells a Police Captain that he has his head up his ass.



The Lightman Group is being sued in connection with the investigation of an investment management firm (episode 8). Despositions will be taken by attorneys of all the staff.

Loker is the guilty one and again drags Torres back into covering his ass.

Lightman is dragooned by the FBI and is told that one of the cops involved in the shooting — the cop who has seemed truthful — is actually a terrorist sleeper. The other cop — who seemed deceptive — is actually an undercover FBI agent. Lightman is told to back off.

Look at these two pictures:



What the hell is Lightman doing with his fingers? He seems to have developed nervous tics over the course of the season. Aside from that, he now wiggles pencils and pens!

Some tech pr0n:



This large touchscreen was seen in a prior episode, displaying expressions, but now it’s showing control software. The Lightman Group uses Macs. I don’t recognize this software.

The deceptive cop is busted. His lies were crafted for revenge.

Loker confesses. Lightman knew. The lawsuit was a sham test designed to test the loyalty of Torres. But for his lie, Loker is now busted. If he wants to stay, he’d be an unpaid intern!

Then Gillian confesses what’s been going on with her husband. We learn there’s another reason for a man to rub the erectile tissue under his nose! She tells Cal they’d better go back to respecting the boundaries they’d originally set for everyone in the office.

Leaving the office, Lightman momentarily pauses. Should he see if Loker is packing up his office?


  1. In lie to me,one of the episodes loker steals lightmen pen, but gives it back to
    him when confronted by lightmen, the
    question is what kind of pen was it.

    • Wait. You expect me to know this or to go watch that episode? No.

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