Posted by: mikecane | May 12, 2009

Ultimate Hulk vs Iron Man: Ultimate Human


Ultimate Hulk vs Iron Man: Ultimate Human written by Warren Ellis with art by Cary Nord.

This is why I can’t read comics with traditional characters any longer.

Apparently the origins of both Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk have been changed, if the allusions in this compilation are correct. That makes the characters alien to me, to how they’re mapped in my head from when I did buy comics.

Plus, there’s really no “Iron Man vs. Hulk” in this. I was reading comics when the “vs.” stuff was all the rage — including the historic (and rather idiotic) Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man comic (which was printed in a ginormous size).

Ellis, of course, presents the characters as if they live in the actual world of real adult human beings. So naturally there’s government intrigue involved — centering in England.

Beyond that, I’m unqualified to comment due to being out of the mainstream character loop for so long.


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