Posted by: mikecane | May 14, 2009

Lie To Me Season 1 Episode 13 Season Finale



Lie To Me‘s season finale episode offered both tired predictability and some character surprises.

A mass transit bus is blown up by an apparent suicide bomber. See the cheesy fake-ass digital explosion:

Notice glass still intact, no flying debris, no change in darkness of shadow or bus coloring despite explosive flash of light!


And lazy compositing has reverse-angle showing rear of bus exploding with front remaining untouched!

Notice the compositor tries to simulate light by throwing some yellow pixels on the street. But no angular shadow properly emanating from that fallen motorcycle.

Notice how blast seems to billow out to scorch nearby parked cars.

Some fake dust placed on windshield of parked car yet other windows are intact despite proximity to blast zone. And no change of shadow underneath that car.

That almost looks real. Proper shadow from mushroom.

But how cheap can you get? The parked cars still have glass intact and no scorch marks or other apparent damage. FX FAIL!

I’d already figured out what was going on. Painfully obvious script. But at least …



… we got a nice triptych of expressions.

With an extra-special bonus triptych in the background.

Gillian gets a phone call that upsets her. And given the developments later in the episode, I was right when I mentioned her new hairstyle here.

It was good to see Jonathan Banks. I still recall his wonderful work in Wiseguy. (That’s a series worth seeing too, if you never have.)

A casual remark made by Lightman’s daughter sets up next season’s tawdry complications.

No, the computer is not from DELL. It’s from DE. For god’s sake, prop people, tape over the entire name! You look stupid doing this.

No, that is not Google Maps with real-time GPS overlay being used for a domestic terrorist attack. No. Stop imagining that.

And three shots showing next season’s tawdry complication between Cal and Gillian:

Alpha Male dominant touch number one.

Alpha Male dominant touch number two.

Submissive female responder touch.


All ready to rip into Lightman, a deceived Torres instead …

… gets her perspective reoriented.

Our last view of Lightman until next season, doing a shoulder-swinging Alpha Male lope out of his offices.

Well, I can see the idea behind adding FBI Agent Reynolds to the series. The prior implication being that the group was basically doing detective work — so why not add a real detective to do that? Then, you know, we can have guns and exploding shit added to the series too.

I’m not fond of that change, however.

I hope they rethink what they’re doing. I liked Lie to Me without bang-bang and boom.

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