Posted by: mikecane | May 16, 2009

ABC Murders The Unusuals

Tweet received Saturday, May 16, 2009, about 4:12 PM EDST from creator of The Unusuals, Noah Hawley:


Man, will this really be the end?

Myself, I think this series should be picked up by TNT. And it should be pedaled ASAP to French TV. I think the French would understand this series and co-finance it.

I’m two episodes behind in my posts for The Unusuals, but I will be doing those, catching up before the final four air.

And ABC damn well better air the final four!

TV does things like this and it wonders why its viewing numbers keep plummeting each year?

Hey, TV networks, witness General Motors. That’s your future too!


  1. Is there anything we fans can do to help the show? It’s a true work of genius, and really deserves as much of a fan following and love as Dollhouse got–I honestly found myself looking forward more to The Unusuals than to Lost, even! Spectacular work.

    So far, I’ve started by leaving a comment for ABC at

    Let’s see if we can start there?

  2. Have to disagree–The Unusuals really blew. It was dinner-theatre David E. Kelley, calculated quirkiness in place of compelling characters. This is the case of a TV network getting it.

  3. Bullshit. There hasn’t been a single thing by Kelley I could watch.

  4. Boooo to ABC! I’m so disappointed The Unusuals wasn’t picked up. And in my spite toward ABC, I will say, I hope Castle fails next season.

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