Posted by: mikecane | May 16, 2009

Doom Uber Alles


Europe in deepest recession since War as Germany suffers

This is the, ahem, Money Shot:

Germany’s economy shrank by 3.8pc in the first three months of the year – a record contraction that is almost double the fall of Britain’s gross domestic product in the first quarter. The figures sparked attacks on Germany’s government, which has repeatedly shown reluctance to bail out either its economy or financial system.

Emphasis added by me.

Germany which, over and over again, downplayed the severity of this collapse now has to face the facts of it. Its own collapse should finally wake them up.

I’ve avoided Doom posts because our own government has decided lying is the way out. It’s nothing but a jump off the cliff.


  1. Pan-European title, I like it.

    No money, don’t like it.

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