Posted by: mikecane | May 29, 2009

For Noah Hawley

Creator of the canceled ABC-TV series, The Unusuals.

English TV playwright Dennis Potter:


Once you get into, sort of, “sector of the market” thoughts about television, basically cost-accountant-driven delivering up sections of an allegedly-passive audience in chunks to advertisers, you do start thinking about what the audience wants and you do start getting machine-made formulaic dramas and such — you can see it. People are getting fed up with the kind of television they’re seeing because it, you know, you can see the handle cranking up and it’s all so bloody predictable. Because it’s delivering up a niche. You see, public service broadcasting — or any real broadcasting — shouldn’t think “delivering up an audience.” It reaches an audience, and it reaches it by the passion and the conviction in which it does what it does, which makes an audience respect and respond to it.


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