Posted by: mikecane | June 2, 2009

Don’t Ignore This Flu!


Baby’s Death is 5th Linked to Flu in City

I don’t think I’m the only New Yorker to be shocked at the sudden revelation there have now been five flu deaths. We’ve only heard about one.

What are these “previous medical conditions”? How old were the others? What sex? Why are they unpersons now?

Is that why Mayor Bloomberg suddenly stopped the daily live new briefings about the flu? Because he didn’t want to be caught lying when asked, “Have there been any other deaths?”

I am sitting here with what I think is my second bout with this bastard flu.

The first time it nearly suffocated me. I didn’t get to the ER until it had passed but left my lungs in a shambles. Back then, no one had trumpeted a new strain of flu, so no swab was taken. I was diagnosed as having “extreme bronchitis.” It was just a few weeks after that the news out of Mexico broke. And I was never summoned back to the hospital for testing.

That was a mistake.

On Saturday, I was so sick, I slept most of the day. Yesterday I felt better. Today I felt better. But this is important: I’m convinced this is its pattern.

It happened exactly like this last time.

At one point in the day, today, my feeling better turned to chills and mild fever. Now my muscles are getting stiff too. I can feel my breathing capacity beginning to shrink again.

If it wasn’t so late in the evening, I’d go the ER. But the wait there is bound to be horrific and I think I can wait til tomorrow morning.

Don’t mess with this thing. It’s deadly.

What’s been contributing to the lengthening of the flu season here in NYC is the lack of properly warm weather. We’ve had chill, dampness, and rain. We need days of bright sunshine with temperatures in the eighties to scour the air. There’s not been enough thermal energy or ultraviolet rays to do that.

If what I’m going through right now feels like what you’ve got, get treatment. Demand they swab you for a culture. I’m going to raise all hell tomorrow if they won’t.

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