Posted by: mikecane | September 18, 2009

ABC’s FlashForward, Episode One

Hulu today announced ABC had put up an eighteen-minute preview of the first episode of FlashForward. I went to Hulu to try to play it and again this crap PC let me down.

I don’t think I have to tell everyone how incredibly hyped this series has been. Just about every promo from ABC in the morning and afternoon seems to be for this series. I’ve yet to see any promo for the season premiere of Castle!

So, after my PC frustrating my desire to see this, I turned to the DarkNet and lo, there was a leak of the entire first episode.

It was a crap copy:


It used a codec I’d never heard of before. trying to play it in vlc was problematic, so I tried a program I use for converting video. Even that was troublesome but I dealt with it.


Everyone knows the premise of the series: all of humanity blacks out simultaneously for two minutes and seventeen seconds and WTF happened and is there a why too?

Given that — and the hype (which, as it draws closer to the series debut, has begun to give off a reek of desperation) — I didn’t expect much from the pilot at all.

Up until very close to the end, I was unconvinced that I’d want to watch another episode. But they snagged me with this:


I’ve cropped that image to prevent a spoiler. What I want you to concentrate on is the expression on his face. That is a man being squeezed to death by Fate. He is suddenly realizing that there is no exit ahead. My God! I’m a sucker for stories like that: predestination and fate versus free will and self-determination.

But then there was a scene after this that really grabbed me. They snagged me and then reeled me in.

Writing credits:


Brannon Braga is a name Trekkies will immediately know.

And here’s a name worth watching:


Ramin Djawadi. The in-episode music is nothing particularly special or memorable. But the music over the end credits is a hell of a thing. It’s just incredible. Unfortunately, I doubt most people will get to hear it as ABC will likely run a promo voice over on top of it. They should release it on the iTunes Store. It’s really that good.

The one thing that really pissed me off was this:


The guy whose novel is the genesis of this entire big-budget hyped-to-hell series gets a shitty little title card like that — as an afterthought?!!? That’s bullshit! His credit should be on a card of its own at the start of every episode along with the producers, writers, and director! I hope they will correct this.

I’m hooked at least for one more episode. I hope they’ll continue hooking me with that one too.

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