Posted by: mikecane | May 19, 2009

The Music Of The Unusuals


At the Facebook page for The Unusuals is a list of the music used.

I’ve filched that list and added links to where that music can be heard on the Internet.

If there’s audio or a video, the title will have a link. Band/artist name will be a link to a website, if available.

Note: These are all publicly-accessible links and not part of any affiliate program.


Episode 1: Pilot
I’m Good, I’m Gone” by Lykke Li
“The Beat Is” by Channel Two
Cobra Style” by Teddybears featuring Mad Cobra
No Biterz” by Miss TK and The Revenge
Bollywood” by Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra
“Murder” by Enemy Voices


Episode 2: Boorland Day
39 Southbound” by Mr. Badwrench
“That’s All She’ll Get When I’m Dead” by Measles
Dog Days Are Over” by Florence and The Machine


Episode 3: One Man Band
Ch-Check It Out” by Beastie Boys
Intenta Una Vez Mas” by No Children
Bang Bang” by The Knux
Lord, Lord, Lord” by Khan Brothers


Episode 4: Crime Slut
Boom Shot Dis” by Kully B & Gussy G
“Believe It (Over You)” by Vallejo
“Encore Une Nuit (Just Another Night)” by Chapeaumelon
Metal Heart” (2008 version) by Cat Power (from Jukebox)


Episode 5: 42
“Sari Sky [Naked Rhythm]” from BOK music
Chain” by The Fire Theft
“Yer Copout” by Jennifer O’Connor

Music of episode six haven’t been listed yet.


  1. You got the songs for the episodes 6 to 10 too?

  2. Series creator Noah Hawley told me the list will be updated at some point. He needs to be cut some slack. Poor guy just moved from New York City back to California.

  3. I saw the promos for the show right before I went to do some work for “uncle sam” and never got to see a single episode. Watching the series on Netflix now. Cancelling this show was a HUGE mistake. It was probably the same idiot that cancelled “Sports Night” and “Firefly”. Networks are idiots. Thanks for the music list here….the music is another reason the show was amazing.

  4. Do you know who composed the music that played during closing credits of each episode? Was it by Jeff Russo, and can that song be obtained anywhere online?

    • I don’t know. But series EP/creator Noah Hawley is on Twitter and you can ask him @NoahHawley He would know for sure.

  5. Please update this if you can, I LOVED the soundtrack to almost every episode and I’ve bought many of the songs you listed on this site.

    • I just copied what was at the Facebook page and plan no updates. See if that page is still up and if there are updates. Alternately, contact series creator @NoahHawley on Twitter for info.

  6. There’s a list of music for all of the episodes here: or you can try the episode descriptions at

  7. KAHN Brothers not Khan – for ep 3

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